Friday, October 23, 2015

Why Tim Gunn is everything

I absolutely adore Tim Gunn and was so happy to hear he was coming to speak at Mizzou's Jesse Hall. He spoke about how he became a faculty member at Parsons and how he started at Project Runway. What I liked most were his inside stories and how he was so straight up and told it exactly how it is as though the audience was a close friend. He talked about how he had small problems with the judges on the show, how he didn’t like the Kardashian’s, and how he and Anna Wintour don’t exactly get along. I think that was important to point out. It says that just because Anna is one of the most powerful women in the fashion industry does not mean you can’t be super successful in the industry without her adoring you. He also talked about how he believed the preteen version of Project Runway was so much better than the usual seasons with the older designers. He said that the younger contestants were so full of new ideas, were humble, and genuinely ready to work. He did a Q&A segment at the end where he gave advice and he said if you want to work, get an internship or a job and network and simply go to work. These are pieces of advice we’ve already been learning, that internships and networking are important, but it was nice to hear from someone in his position. It just reassured me that I know what I'm doing and I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be at this point. 

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

And so semester three begins with a full heart!

     Hello blog readers and fashion lovers! I’m back to reminisce on another semester. I’m still at the same job, working in a warehouse shipping out items ordered from,,, and and dying shoes when needed, and still studying textile and apparel management at the University of Missouri. This last semester was huge for me. Not only did I learn to sew, but I also landed a commercial! So many times we as humans are filled with anxiety and insecurity about the future, laying here remembering this last year and meditating on this upcoming semester – my third as a fashion student, has me feeling very content with where I am in the world and that in itself, I would say, is my greatest accomplishment yet. Cheers to another new beginning.